Apple Shooter 3

Apple Shooter 3 is a simple but clearly-conceived entry into the click-and-drag style of shooter genre. Although it’s the very definition of a bite-sized gaming experience, if you’re interested in a clean experience that’s defined as sharp as the point of an arrow, this one might become a favorite.

Apple Shooter Game Online

Your oddly-clothed protagonist is an archer taking aim at apples atop his perhaps-too-trusting comrade’s head. You aim with the mouse cursor in a simple vertical trajectory, while point and click sets and launches your arrows. It’s not necessarily as lacking in nuance as it seems, since you can set the string draw of your shot according to the duration of your clicks. However, once you’ve mastered this basic mechanic, there’s not much else to see besides the steadily ramp up of increased distances in your self-imposed challenge shots.

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While there’s no soundtrack to speak of and the sound effects are barely there, what graphics Apple Shooter provides serve their purpose fairly well. It’s difficult to feel too bad for shooting at your rather dumpy and unattractive friend, while you, as the hero, are dressed in a wardrobe that can, at best, be described as eclectic. Combined with the spurting gore of missed shots, Apple Shooter provides a rather silly, cynical look into archery-themed gaming.

Apple Shooter Game Details

You’re given numerous UI elements to keep track of your distance shots and choices of (most likely) lethal angles, which helps to keep the game reasonable when its distance start to get ridiculous. Perhaps most importantly, restarts after a failed shot are almost instant, giving the masochistic archery simulator a Meatboy-esque ‘just one more time!’ feeling to it. You might be surprised at the detail given to the shooting physics, as well – arrows can not only fly off any visible space, but also continue to track and fall back down to earth (or your friend’s neck).

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Although its scope is as limited as you can get, it does what it does perfectly in terms of gameplay. Only a little more creativity in sound design or graphics would have made apple shooter a flash game no one could possibly criticize.

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