Apple Shooter 3 Game

Each archer has desired to do it to take an apple off your very best friends head without leaving so much as a scrape your buddy. Apple Shooter turns that fantasy into a reality!

Controls and How To Perform

Apple Shooter is an easy, yet enjoyable game to play in your free time. It is simple enough for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The one thing that you have to have so as to play with Apple Shooter is just your own mouse. But goal carefully! 1 error could easily tag you the Worlds Worst Best Buddy!

As you finish each level, the jobs get increasingly harder. With each level you’re distanced further and farther away from your very best friend.

Level 1 — 20 ft
Level 2 — 25 ft
Level 3 — 30 ft
Measure 4 — 35 ft and so Forth

When you start the game, there are two important tools which can allow you to reach your goal as opposed to your very best buddy. Both tools are located at the top left corner of this display. The circular gauge is able to help you figure out the elevation where the arrow will soar, while the meter bar lets you know how powerful the shot will be. The stronger your shot is, the farther it will travel! Take advantage of these tools collectively, together with your keen awareness of hand-eye coordination, to maintain your buddy from harms way.

Unlike a number of other archery games located throughout the world wide web, Apple Shooter carries a High Metrics graph. Challenge yourself to achieve the maximum level possible and you might find your name on this listing of skilled apple shooters!

Controls and Cheats

Though this sport is quite straightforward, some could find it somewhat difficult to achieve at the higher levels. Here are a few cheat codes as well as other hacks that will assist you along.